Custom Hot Melt

About Adhesive Technologies Industrial Products Division

Your hot melt adhesive challenges. Our adhesive expertise.
Custom adhesive products for specialty applications.
AdTech is different than your typical industrial hot glue manufacturers. As the leader in custom adhesive products for a wide range of industries, we have the technical expertise to help you find the best solution for your most complex hot melt adhesive challenges. We’ll work with you to develop the custom adhesive products for your specialty applications – far beyond the generic offerings of other hot melt adhesive manufacturers.

Why AdTech for custom hot melt products
More than simply a supplier of hot glue adhesive; AdTech as a partner, delivers both traditional and custom adhesive products to our extensive customer base. Our unique expertise in adhesive science bonds perfectly with your specialty application needs. AdTech’s lab is constantly busy with new custom adhesive product development and testing. We’ll even evaluate a sample of the hot melt adhesive you’re currently using to confirm whether or not it is meeting your reliability and consistency measurements – at no charge – and give you our expert recommendations. That’s the AdTech commitment to being the most innovative provider among today’s hot melt adhesive manufacturers. Whether your current hot melt adhesive is not meeting your needs, or if you’re adding a new specialty application to your business, AdTech has the custom adhesive products you won’t find anywhere else.

Technical Capabilities
Adhesive testing and custom adhesive product development
AdTech’s in-house technical adhesive testing team has a collective 80+ years of experience in developing industrial custom adhesive products for specialty manufacturing, packaging, building applications and more. Our people get excited about industrial glue – a legacy handed down by AdTech’s founder, who still inspires us to push the limits of new adhesive product innovations. Since the early days of AdTech, our mission has been to provide custom adhesive products that go beyond typical glue applications – and the adhesive expertise of our development team continues to make AdTech unique among today’s hot melt adhesive manufacturers.

Ongoing laboratory analysis for valid and repeatable results
New custom adhesive product development is part of AdTech’s daily business. We continually do laboratory-analysis and testing of the specialty compounds that we’ve developed over the years as the basis for new innovations. As such, AdTech has both the in-depth historical knowledge of hot melt and other adhesives and advanced adhesive testing analytics that are more extensive than any other hot melt adhesive manufacturer. We have the equipment and the proven processes to create a custom adhesive product to meet your specialty application – and most of all, the laboratory analysis expertise to validate that the adhesive will give you reliable and repeatable results. That’s a key way that AdTech can help you increase efficiency and productivity in your specialized hot melt adhesive applications.

Bring us your most challenging adhesive challenge
We are happy to accept your most challenging application requirement and we encourage people to send in their substrate samples for us to evaluate. It is through this of involvement that has allowed us to develop some of the most unique hot melt adhesive solutions that we offer today.

Bring your adhesive testing questions to us
Is your current industrial glue not up to the task? Send a sample to AdTech for adhesive testing. Our laboratory analysis experts will test it against your unique application requirements and offer recommendations free of charge.