Product Application

Innovative hot melt technologies for your specialized applications

At AdTech, we are the experts in hot melt technologies with a laser-sharp focus on developing specialty industrial adhesives. Therefore, our very specific products for hot melt adhesive applications go beyond typical industrial glue demands to solve our customers’ hot melt adhesive challenges.

It’s a fact: no single industrial glue can do it all. Hot melt technologies are not "one size fits all". While AdTech has market-leading expertise in hot melt adhesives, we also have deep knowledge and experience in developing specialty industrial adhesives, including solids, liquids, sprays, and two-part reactives. Our lab chemists will analyze and assess the unique industrial adhesives requirements of our customers’ specialized applications. Then they test and formulate the most effective industrial adhesive and match it with the right hot glue gun delivery system for the highest reliability and consistency.

The perfect bond of hot melt adhesive science and specialty applications

At AdTech it’s not all about the glue. We help you match the best of both hot melt adhesive technologies, hot glue guns, and other applicators for the most reliable, consistent performance. AdTech also has the most comprehensive offering of hot glue gun accessories to meet all of your unique applications. The bottom line: AdTech makes it easy to choose the right hot melt solution for your most difficult applications, both manually performed and automated.

Specialty Hot Melt Adhesives

  • Next generation EVA, mettalocene, PSA and APAO hot melt adhesive technologies
  • Formulated specifically for automated applications
  • Ideal for packaging, nonwovens, furniture, woodworking, and automotive industries

Shaped Hot Melt Adhesives

  • Shaped EVA and polyamide hot melt adhesive technology
  • Low, standard, and high temperature industrial adhesive formulas available
  • Full line of manual and pneumatic applicators and accessories

Industrial Adhesive Applicators

AdTech's industrial hot melt applicators are designed to minimize waste, lower production costs, improve productivity, increase comfort, and ensure optimal performance.